Sunday, October 23, 2016

What RX Meds Have People Gotten Off Of as a Result of Cannabis Oil?

So far for me, benzodiazapines and reduced my narcotic meds.  Here's what numerous member of a medical cannabis group on FB said:

What prescribed prescription drugs have you managed to swap or replace or do away with thanks to Medical Cannabis?
Athena Gass I've went from 37 different proscribed meds down to 2 in less than a year.
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Darin Jay Scalf Most of my psychiatric meds have been replaced.
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Alex Beck Xanax and everything else except when I'm in pain. And I hear there's a couple heavy hitters out there that are great for pain just don't know what they are.
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Alex Beck Also beat cancer with oil and an alkaline diet. Stage 3 lymphoma
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Michelle Franzen Hallas 13 from antidepressants to metformin,
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CJ Jones To be more clear I am completely free of any pharmaceudicals and have been since 2010.Thats when i ga e up om doctors started treating myself with cannabis to combat ptsd, anxiety,panic attacks, pain from surgeries and past injuries.
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Katherine Bracken Ward Gabapentin for a nerve disorder. I've cut back on clonazepam by half and am working toward freedom from it. GI doctor still prescribes Cholestryamine and Levsin for IBS and IBD (ocassional diverticulitis flares) - I've begun working with the FECO for t...See More
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James McAleny Cannabis has helped keep my catapletic fits in check, oils have helped with joint and muscle pains too.
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Sheryl Cohen-Alexander I have been on oil for Lyme for almost 3 yrs.
The one drug I was able to get rid of was my blood pressure medicine. Been on 20+ years and I never realized it was robbing my breath, killing my platelets and a bunch of other side effects. Diazide or tria...See More
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Debbie Sanchez Demerol shots for migraines. I love love pot for that
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Patrick John Jen Weimann check this.
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Lillian Brown Prednisone!!
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Theresa Banks Not prescription but I used to live on Advil until it tore up my stomach and I can't use it anymore at all. I've been offered a couple different prescription Meds but turn them down. I don't take any other medicine including over the counter pain pills.
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Claudia Sens Tramadol
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Kim Bedelle HRT, Zomig, Fluxotine, Synthroid.
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Mary Loy Dean Cymbalta so far....hoping savella, percocet, morphine, xanax, and anything else I can.
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Clare Chondrogianni Morphine and nerve pain tablets all gone within a week!
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Charlotte Fleetwood Adams Oxy- diabetes meds
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Darren Lee Anti-depressants, asthma and pain relief drugs.
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Alicia Jaramillo All prescriptions!!!
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Michael Griffin I was able to avoid a 2nd stemcell transplant and all the associated poisons and suffering that would have gone with it. 😊😊😊
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Cherie Wiersma-Clark Antibiotics for Lyme disease

Ativan for sleep
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Twila Cole 10 various rx's for lupus/fibromyalgia/sjogrens syndrome including plaquinel and Benlysta infusions; we are currently at 2 1/2 years remission and pharmaceutical free
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Shelly Wiersma Slater Klonopin, wellbutrin, flexeril, adderall. I miss my adderall but can manage without it. If I ever find the right strain to do what the adderall did for me, life would be perfect! But not complaining. 
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Chris James Great thread 🙌🏻 thanks for posting OP
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Sandy Shumaker Blood pressure pills, sleeping pills.
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Chelle Kittee chemo, rads, tamoxifen, countless pain killers (opiate) anti anxiety, a few, anti depressants, a few, anti nausea, (zofran). There's probably more.
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Tina Greenleaf Pennell Too bad insurance doesn't pay for it
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Toi Bartone Singulair, Prednisone, Albuterol, Symbicort, Mucinex.....
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Ruth Daley Button Still working at this, but off of my sleeping pills, Talwin (narcotic) 4 a day to 0. Only take 1 pantaloc a day instead of 2. Reduced my antidepressant pills in half, should be able to cut that one out soon. Reduced my insulin amount. Still working o...See More
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Chris Johnson Great question! I only take CBD with .03% THC. For me, it was Cymbalta. After 20 years of trying to go off of an SSRI. Was able to cut down from 90mg to 30mg. Whoo hoo!
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Sharon Ness Neurontin, Tramadol, OxyContin, Percocet, Propranolol, Mysoline, Gabapentin, and several anxiety drugs, all for Essential Tremors, Fibromyalgia, and a Meningioma Brain Tumor.
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Chris Johnson I'm so excited to read the answers on this thread!!!
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Scott L Miller Truly amazing! Gives me hope.
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Jenni Mai These were SOME of the ones that were tried over the years for my 21 year old son who has severe autism. He is now only on cannabis and insulin and doing so, so much better!!
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TJ Pollock Prednisone, Imuran, methotrexate, Mercaptipurine, Humira
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Tori LaChapelle Lamictal
Flexeril...See More
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Joni Johnsen It's pretty pathetic that we aren't proof enough!
Ffs! Look at this success!
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Lori Mabbitt March zoloft, lexapro, triazalam, adderal, mirapes, librax, nexium, lyrica. ultram, all kinds of opiods, shall i continue? lol those are just the ones i was taking right before i moved to tucson.
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Robin Gage psych meds., hydrocodone, oxycodone, soma, metformin. I take only 2 heart pills now and an aspirin. I am still trying to get the ptsd and anxiety in hand, but I am certainly better then i was. I also don't have horrible nightmares anymore.