Monday, February 13, 2017

Pain Management - Recommendation in Austin.

Between perineal pain and the wretched limb neuropathy as a result of chemo (decetaxel to be specif),  I've been taking heavy duty pain killers for almost 3 years now.  My initial PM guy moved out of state and then I had to go through 4 PM clinics, 2 of which were pill mills and one of which wrote an incorrect RX then wanted to blame everyone but the DR. that signed the incorrect RX.

So, courtesy of my nephew, I was referred to Dr. Geremy Sanders of Texas Interventional Pain Specialist on 35th st here in Austin.  His is  SOLO practice and I ALWAYS see him, not an assistant.  He is warm, kind, asks good questions as to how I'm doing, utilizes DNA testing to make sure my meds are the best fit for me.

I am so grateful for this professional as he has given me so much o my functionality back.  When my pain is down to a manageable level, I can do normal shop.......see movie with friends....and on and on.  Without it, I'm in a fetal position in the bed or on the couch wishing that death would relieve the pain.

So regardless of where you live, if cancer or chemo side effects are leaving you with little to no ability to function, find a good pain management doc. It may take some looking because there are too many far more concerned with just getting your $$.  Look for a small practice with good Yelp, etc reviews and referrals from people you trust.

There is no need to suffer.

Here is a link to Dr. Sanders site: Click here for Dr. Sanders