Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dr. Robert Amato, Dr John Araujo......and a Broken Finger

It's been quite a couple of days.  I've been CT Scanned and rescanned, MRId and reMRId, bone scanned and then almost scanned again when they thought they missed a spot.  On top of the incredibly long days, yesterday in particular, my attitude remains pretty good, despite getting lost on my run to the store during which I managed to get a flat tire and I'm pretty sure broke my middle finger on my right hand.  Good thing I'll be going to the Hospital again today, huh?

Today is day 2.5 and the culmination of working with world renowned oncologist, Dr. Robert Amato . His office was the last stop yesterday for blood work painlessly and very capably drawn by in house lab - tech Joenette.  Literally did not feel the needle although she obviously used one as she collected no less than 10 vials of my dark, red life liquid. Little things like that help more than Joenette may realize.

Derrell and I meet with Dr. Amato a 11am today during which time I expect he'll define the exact nature of my cancer, it's travels in my body, his experience a prostatic tumor so large and aggressive in someone as young as me.  I'll also find out what kind of chemical cocktail he has to offer me. Looking at the collection of patients in his waiting rooms left me with no illusion,  This physician treats very, very ill people.

Tomorrow is 2nd opinion time at MD Anderson with Dr. John Araujo.

Keep all good wishes and love flowing folks.


  1. You're a brave, brave man Scott. I'm still in shock at how fast your situation has evolved from concern about the pain and discomfort of a prostate biopsy until your situation now. You are too young to be faced with these decisions. This makes one realize how precious and fragile our health is. I hope your tests continue to be pain free and the doctors can get your cancer under control.
    Always in my thoughts Scott.

  2. Lots of love and light coming to you!

  3. Scott and Derrell,
    As I'm learning, it really is "one day at a time". I think you both will feel relief when the treatment actually starts. Thank you, Derrell, for being a's so important.

  4. Scott, thinking of and praying for you and Derrell.

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  6. Mr. Scott, Please use a baking soda half a spoon in 50 ml of water - 30 minutes before meals, and for food (on the morning) - honey, oatmeal,s gruel and canape's oil; At noon - also 30 minutes earlier before meals - 10 drops of peroxide in 50 ml of water. After 6 pm until the morning, do not take anything! And You will heal forever...