Friday, August 1, 2014

The Day After


I woke this AM about 8 to a good friend and coworker dropping off Torchy’s Tacos, one of Austin’s finest.  Not being hungry at that moment, I went directly back to sleep and didn’t move again until about 4  Jay, once again, showed up with grilled salmon, new potatoes and tortilla soup and a couple of wonderful additions: Burts Beeswax hand cream and some ultra chic lip balm all in a beautiful basket..  Derrell got home about 6:30pm and we’ve been chilling on the couch ever since.

I’m thankful that today all I feel is tired. No, exhausted.  Little nausea, no diarrhea.  But tired like I’ve never been tired before.   Sleep soon, will come easily.

So Taxotere scores one for fatigue and I score one in that I’m not dealing with any of the rest of the side effects.

But it is still early.


  1. What a journey you're going through. Reminds me of last year during my kidney stone "adventures". Three visits to the ER, one two night stay in the hospital, kidney stones in BOTH sides of my uretha and I had the temerity to have one stuck which the doctor decided to leave in for FIVE days, hoping it would pass on its own (which it didn't OF COURSE). Thank God you have Derrell and friends to help you through this.

  2. Thank you Scott for taking time to update us. You're in my thoughts. My wishes for a turn around and recovery.