Monday, May 9, 2016

CT Scan Results - Mixed news

After getting limited information over the phone from my Oncologist's office, I asked them to mail me the CT radiologist reports so I could read them.  One thing anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer learns is how to read medical reports and understand them almost as well as anyone with M.D. behind their name.

The results:

Chest - minimal scarring (from the three lung biopsies I underwent). Heart is normal and no indication of cancerous nodules.

Abdomen - All organs normal except for some degree of fatty liver and a small cyst on the left kidney.

Pelvis - Normal bowel; normal colon.  The prostate shows no tumor outside the gland but the rapid rise in PSA post chemotherapy and limited Lupron treatment is highly suspicious for this high risk/very high risk tumor and further investigation via MRI is indicated.

What this tells me is I've successfully bought some time with the chemo (albeit at the tremendous cost of 24/7 painful neuropathy) and I need to look for a non-toxic treatment that can kill this tumor off.

More to come....stay tuned.  And for my brothers and sisters fighting cancer, remember what Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."

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