Friday, May 30, 2014

Good News Mixed With The Worrisome

I got the PSA test results today and my PSA levels have dropped to 3.19 from the 5.2 they were at in January.  This means that the Lupron is working so I can at least take comfort in the fact that along with the skeletal pain, the fatigue, the decrease in sex drive, the increased sensitivity to cold and heat,  the nausea and dry heaves, comes a decrease in PSA which should signal a slowing or reversal of tumor growth.  This is indeed encouraging and really the first time anything has gone "right" since this little nightmare began.

On the worrisome side, Derrell had another seizure today.  It was mild compared to the first one and he was at work where there were nurses and therapists that could help him.  I left work, picked him up and brought him home where he has been asleep on the couch all afternoon while I worked my job from home (I love my company, Kinnser Software. They've taken such incredible care of me and other employees who faced tough times). He has a neurologist appointment Monday and we hope to get to the bottom of his seizures quickly.

Finally, today is our 3rd anniversary and we hope to go out tonight for drinks on the Stephen F. Austin Bar Balcony, by the "So you gonna eat or what?!" sandwich trailer where proprietor Eric has, at Derrell's request, created a custom sandwich just for me.  Once that's consumed, we'll go for an hour cruise on Lady Bird Lake.  I love this guy like I've loved no other.

Life.  It has it's ups and downs.....and often all in the same day.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you take time to enjoy it and both of you are in good health and spirits.

    My fiancée is having same diagnosis as you as we speak and they found "innumerable" spots in his lungs. Being the weekend we are on pins and needles- this isn't normal and he is only 47.... Would love to hear from you.

  2. Scott,
    So happy for you on the lower PSA count. That's always a good sign. Celebrate your anniversary. You have your Derrick which is so important. Have a grand time!

  3. Hello Scott, wondering how Derrell is doing. Please post how the BOTH of you are doing when you can. ~Leisa


    I'm sure you're busy as hell and may not be feeling all that well. Hope Darrell is doing well. Anyway, I just came across the above thread on the Inspire website concerning some of the latest info on treatments for metastatic PCa. You may be tired of reading all this stuff but some of the "comments" are worth looking into possibly, or at least discussing with your doctors.

    Anyway, keep up the fight and never give in and never surrender (I think Churchill said that). LOL.

  5. Scott,
    I'm sorry, "Derrell". Misspelling for which I apologize.