Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My First Post Lupron Visit Tomorrow

So I visit my oncologist tomorrow for the one month follow up after the first Lupron injection.  He'll be doing a general physical exam, asking about side effects (I can name a few) and checking PSA levels (which means no sex tonight.....thank gawd there is still the option of having sex). I'll be sharing with him the chronic aches and pain in my bones and joints, the sweating at night (no hot flashes so far), the extreme sensitivity to hot and cold., the fatigue I have on some days....shoot the just feeling crappy some days. The nausea and dry heaves I've had a couple of times since the injection.

I'll also be asking about a therapy called  Provenge that ramps up your immune system to fight the prostate cancer.  It also has a host of side effects, costs $96,000 and people already taking narcotics for cancer related pain are ineligible.  Options......yup, options.

So the train ride continues!  Many thanks to everyone who comments and send messages of support.  To know that people I've never met before are supporting me and getting something from this makes me stronger.  Thank you and love to all.


  1. Scott,
    I don't know if this information helps you, but I haven't had Lupron treatments and I have chronic aches and pains in my joints. I can hardly get myself out of my car and I'm considering getting one of those grab bars in my bathroom so I can hoist myself up from the toilet. I also have the ever present fatigue, like a clock winding down. Afternoon naps are a minimum of one hour (usually two hours or more). I se my oncologist next week. I'm a year out from my seed implants (brachytheraphy). I don't know what he can do for me. Last visit (several months ago) he only seemed to be interested if I had urinary incontinence (I didn't). That is his speciality, preventing urinary incontinence. He can add me to his success stories. I doing what you're doing, one day at a time and managing the best I can and grabbing those moments of happiness and peace and contentment and just plowing through the rough periods. We're in this togther Scott. And like you, the sex still works albeit no semen but who needs that anyway? You're in my thoughts Scott. My best to you and Darrell.

  2. Good to read the update. Sorry you are having some nasty side effects, Scott. My husband starts 8 weeks, five days a week radiation treatments after his radical prostatectomy April 29th. He got an infection and was hospitalized for four days about 10 days after his surgery--I think it was much more traumatic than the surgery. Lost 40 lbs, extremely tired and nauseous . . . he is just now feeling pretty decent. This is SUCH an emotional roller coaster that I wish you, he, and Derrell and myself could get off of. But, we must rely on each other for support. You and D are in my thoughts and my prayers.

  3. Hi Scott...It's Carla from work. I hadn't posted to your blog until now. I was thinking about a few other people in my life right now...who are having some personal health issues...began thinking about Kendel and his father in the hospital. I started thinking about you too...and came here to get a reality check. And I must say...when I see you at work day to day and you come in with your smile and your friendly contagious spirit...it really makes stop....that's all...just stop and absorb what is really important to be worrying about. I will tell you...you are one of the nicest, sweetest persons I know...and you should know that a day doesn't pass when I am not full of hope and faith for you. You pass through our little area down here and I just smile when I see you. You are looking good. I am sorry you are feeling the side effects of this treatment. I hope that goes away soon. I haven't read your other posts yet...just wanted to stop in and let you know you are awesome. Keep kicking it's ass. Carla

  4. Just one more voice here wishing you the best of luck; and Derrell too. Every prostate cancer is different. Its possible with your treatment you could shock it into submission or remission. Others have. So enjoy the things in life that you enjoy and keep on fighting. I hope Derrell has recuperated from his scare too.

  5. Thanks all. I had my oncologist visit. The side effects I'm experiencing are all to be expected. Did a blood test to check PSA levels and should find out today if they are down (which is the goal). Today celebrates 3 years for Derrell and myself so THIS WILL be a good day!