Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How I Feel Today

The alarm went off at 6am but I was already starting to wake.  I could tell I didn't feel 100%. Feet and ankles/legs wobbly and sore......sore all the way down the stairs.  Went to a dentist appointment and just ached.  I have clean teeth though!  Drove to work and slowly got out of the car.  Still sore and wobbly despite the current regimen of Celebrex and Tramadol.

So that's how I feel today: wobbly, unfocused, achy, sore and slow.

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  1. Scott,
    Believe it or not that's how I feel on most days when I wake up but I think my cause is because I'm 72 years of age. Wobbly, unfocused, achy, sore and slow. Thy name is Ron. And you know, it doesn't get any better because next year I'll be even older. But, considering the alternative. . . I'll take it.