Friday, July 18, 2014

Median Life Expectancy

More to come in a later post about my Come to Jesus meeting with my oncologist yesterday.  But he did provide some eye opening stats on Median Life Expectancy for men with Stage IV, metastasized (to a major organ i.e. lungs), aggressive, Gleason 8 prostate cancer.  They are as follows:

No Treatment – 12-18 months

Therapy only – 32 months

HT and chemo – 49 months

This is why I’ve agreed to chemotherapy starting July 28, 2014.


  1. Scott, My husband's medonc suggested that Frank could have the chemo weekly at 1/3 dose rather that every 3 weeks at full dose. Supposedly lessens the side-effects, toxicities while being as effective as 3 week /6 cycles schedule. Just a thought to ask your doc? Frank starts chemo first week of October after farming is put to bed. My fingers are crossed that he remains hormone-sensitive until then. Thanks for the post about what friends can do, think I will print it out and distribute when asked, if that's alright? Always rooting for you and Derrell from Idaho. Take care. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa:
      Good to hear from you and thanks as always for your sweet, warm wishes. I'll ask about dosing....that's interesting. Yes, you are absolutely welcome to share that or this blog. While I started the blog as a form of therapy, with over 4,000, many of whom are regular, this blog isn't just for me anymore.
      Best wishes and positive thoughts to you and Frank

  2. ific
    Richard Davis

    5:47 PM (59 minutes ago)

    to John, bcc: me
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    While the locally advanced/ advanced group formed recently, many of us have been part of the Reluctant Brotherhood call for some years. We welcome new members with good humor, a little jibing, and depending who is on the call, a healthy dose of irreverence.

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