Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chemo 3 and Lupron 2....and Then a Break

I hate to be so long in posting but that's just how it is when one is lost in the hazy world of chemo, hormone deprivation, pain and  aintianxiety meds.  My how the time flies.  So I'm sitting in a recliner at the oncologist's office with a burning IV in my arm with about an hour's worth of toxic chemicals left to course through my veins and then I have the unmitigated joy of another Lupron shot which will keep my testosterone non-existent for about another five months.

But then I'm fairly certain I have decided (against onc's recommendation) to skip Lupron for a few months.  I'll be done with chemo by late November and would be due for a Lupron shot January 1.  But I need a break.  Now.  So certainly by 2015 the need will be greater.  I need to feel like me and I need to feel normal again, if even for a little while.  I'll roll the dice

More later.  Stay strong folks.

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  1. Scott,
    I read your continuing journey in treating your prostate cancer and think back to the first time I came in contact with you on Inspire. You inspire me by how you handling your life changing treatment for prostate cancer. Plate is so random because I could easily be in your place now. Since my seed implants on last year on May 14, 2013, my prostate score has dropped from 8.4 to 1.1. I'm due for another blood test in a few months and of course I'm hoping it drops further. I still have side effects (fatigue and leakage and no semen) but other than those three things, I'm doing well. I can still get an erection but not as much as before. What is really strange is that I can have an orgasm but nothing comes out. I'm glad I can still function that way. I know I'm very lucky.

    You're in my thoughts Scott and I wish the best for you.