Saturday, December 6, 2014

3 Months Later and Post Chemo, Some Good News for a Change

My apologies for the long hiatus but in all honesty, as I went through the last few wretched chemo treatments, I simply needed one less reminder that this had become my life.  That said, there is some good news finally.  I had a CT scan of my chest, MRI of my prostate and a visit with the same physician at MD Anderson/Houston this past Thursday that I saw in April and here's what we know now:

  • * My lungs appear to be cancer nodule free
  • * My prostate and the associated tumor appear to have shrunk substantially
  • * The tumor is no longer "extracapsular"
  • * The tumor no longer appears to have seminal vesicle involvement
Considering the beating chemo and hormone deprivation has done to my body, this is indeed relieving news.  With MD Anderson doctor approval, I will take a "holiday" from Lupron.  He suggests I may be good for 9 months to a year or more before I might need to consider hormone deprivation again.  Additionally, I'm done with chemo.  In summary, this means that I can focus on healing my treatment ravaged body and mind.

And this is truly good news.


  1. This is great news Scott! I am so happy for you. Now to get back to your regular life. Please keep us posted. I think about you often.

  2. Yes, you've been thru Holy Hell----and back. Glad to hear the treatment has been successful. Hope you have some great days ahead.