Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Physical Update and Disease Status

I had a blood test and DRE done Monday.  The DRE was said to be overall "smooth with some fibrosis on the right."  The right is where the unwelcome guest lives and has perpetually fucked with my life for 30 months.  The PSA test came back at a 1.49;  right after chemo and lupron, my PSA stayed immeasurable for the first few months, then rose to a .27, then to a .97 and I began 2016 with a rise to 1.27.  So there is a steady rise.  My oncologist sums it up as, " He is currently in complete remission by CT scan, but his rising PSA indicates persistent disease."  My little unwelcome friend seems to be growing again.

The longtime onclogist refuses to appeal AETNA's denial of an MRI because I have expressed it as unlikely that I will ever take lupron of undergo chemo again.  It may be time for a new oncologist....perhaps one who doesn't work for a NYSE publicly traded company.

Meanwhile I'm on Day 5 of CBD, getting used to the psychoactive side effects and the fact that my gas smells like dank weed once in a while.

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