Wednesday, September 28, 2016

1 Month of CBD: Damaged Nerves Repairing Themselves???

I’ve been using CBD for right at a month now.  The CBD oil is combined with coconut oil (a high saturated fat oil) into a gel cap (easily purchased at vitamin/health stores) and taken orally, rectally or both.  I just had a PSA test done 3 weeks ago, right after I started using the oil.  My PSA has gone from unmeasurable in January 2015, after the chemo and hormone therapy ended, to 1.49 this last test, up from 1.27 three months ago, so a little too early to see any effect there. Will retest again in two months and we’ll see where I’m at after 3 months of CBD.

I do find interesting the relief I’m experiencing these last two weeks from the most severe neuropathic pain I’ve had as a result of chemo.  I still have pain/numbness/aching in my arms/legs, wrists/ankles, hands/feet.  

But what I DON”T have anymore, is the severe pain I’ve had for almost 2 years in my palms and the soles of my feet!  

Is this a result of CBD or just simply a coincidence in the timing of the healing?  Don’t know but I’ll take it.  Specifically, the pain in the soles of my feet has been the most debilitating of the neuropathic pain I’ve had to deal with; it’s made it difficult to do normal, everyday tasks… walking across the room.  As someone who was running 2-3 miles day two and a half years ago, the difficulty in walking has been a very hard adjustment.  

But maybe, just maybe I’m seeing the beginning of healing to my damaged nerves. Stay tuned.

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