Friday, November 25, 2016

PSA Results After 3 Months of Cannabis Oil Treatment - Not the Post I Was Hoping To Write

I had hoped, indeed, I had planned on being able to write a very positive post after 3 months of full extract cannabis oil treatment.  I have been so encouraged by the relief I’ve had from the worst of the neuropathic pain, the seeming healing of the nerves in my palms and the soles of my feet that I felt sure it would bode well for the cancer.. I’ve been so happy with the fact that most days since embarking on this treatment, I’ve felt generally so much better than I had the previous 2 years.

But this is not that post.

I had my PSA tested this week and it came in at a 1.97,  which is up almost half a ng/ml from 3 months ago. My PSA history is that in 2000 at age 39, my “baseline” PSA was 1.45 and stayed that way till 2012..  Within 2 years, it rose to a 4.91 which is when I was diagnosed with Stage IV, Gleason 8, metastatic, extracapsular, seminal vesicle involved, prostate cancer.  After 8 months of Lupron (chemical castration) and 8 rounds of IV chemo using the highly toxic docetaxel, it dropped to virtually unmeasurable in April 2015. Then in January of this year I was at a .95 and there was a gradual rise with a reading of 1.49 in August. In the last 3 months, it’s jumped a half point, which it had taken 8 months to do in the first part of the year.  Trajectory is not desirable in this case.

I’d already seen the report online when my PCP called me and said it was something I should speak with the oncologist about asap and also suggested I reconsider the cannabis oil.  He further reminded me that my cancer was a particularly aggressive form and was already quite advanced when I was diagnosed.

So I’m feeling rather knocked down at the moment, after feeling pretty darned good for a couple of months.

When I speak to the oncologist, if all he can tell me is that going back on Lupron is my best bet, that’s a no go.  I would rather die feeling somewhat like myself than live a while longer feeling like a eunuch. If another series of chemo sessions is an option (and I don’t think it is), I doubt I’d do it given my experience with the devastating, long term side effects that are now part of my life.

As for the cannabis oil, it’s something I really must look at. I have no doubt whatsoever that it has made a significant difference in my pain, particularly my hands and feet.  This has allowed me to work out (such that I can), work on a limited basis and reduce the amount of narcotic meds I’d been using.

Much to think about.  Not sure there are any good choices….or at least any that will make a major difference.

I could sure use all the good love and energy anyone can offer.


  1. Maybe look at your mix. some recommend taking 2 different oils keeping high CBD to THC (anti inflamatory help neuropathy) in a separate dose by 3 hours to high THC to CBD (fights cancer). Also try having some of your dose oral not all rectal. see Mix your oil with coconut or olive oil and lecthin to make more bio-available. look at Facebook group cannabis kills cancer. Very good advice

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