Monday, January 30, 2017

Comments From Those That Have Given

I've been really touched by the outpouring of help I've received from friends as well as people I don't know.

Some of their comments:

My Husband suffers from Prostate Cancer Stage III Gleason 9 is back from year of PSA 0.2 know we have a long road ahead. God Bless you.

Scott I saw your story on my sister's page. Praying God's Continual Strength, Comfort, Love, Healing and Support surround you and shower you with blessings beyond measure.

Good luck buddy...I got ya back!

Hi Scott! Sorry I'm late to the 'let's fix up meatloaf' party! Miss you! XO 

Not much but I hope it helps.

I love you.

Love you so much brother, many people do in fact.

What type of job did spider man apply to? Web developer :) hope this helps (from a friend who ALWAYS has a joke

Dear Scott, I hope this helps a little. 

Love you uncle Scott!

Here's hoping you can get that clunker fixed!!!

To say I'm touched by these and the help is an understatement.

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