Monday, January 30, 2017

Suicide - Not An Easy Topic, But an Important One

On a prostate cancer support group that I've been a member of for some time (
I got a response to one of my posts where the gentleman raised the issue of suicide:

"Given this discussion, I'm going to post something on a topic that I've never seen here, realizing that it may not be welcome: suicide. I'm 61, had a G9, RP, repair operation, RT, and ADT. The ADT has largely worn off, but as I result of all this I'm completely unable to engage in sex; I have extensive nerve damage to my entire genital region. 

My med onc says I have a high probability of a recurrence, with will mean a life sentence of ADT, but my experience with it is that it's torture. (Just seeing a pretty girl with her boyfriend is a form of torture as well.) Now, I'm sure cancer in one's bones is far worse. Having said this, if/when I have a recurrence, I *may* deny the ADT, take my chances, and, if it goes the wrong way, blow my brains out. I don't think I'd be the first. "

I replied:

Suicide isnt an easy topic but an important one to discuss as one moves from trying to stay alive by "any means necessary" to accepting that sometimes one just has to accept that we all die from something, sometimes much sooner than we wish to.

I've considered this and fortunately, I have a dear friend who lives in Seattle and we've already agreed that when the time comes, if I choose to do so, I'll take up Washington state residence and take advantage of their physician assisted suicide (going to sleep with a Marilyn Monroe cocktail of barbiturates seems preferable to gun violence to me;) ) laws. I don't plan to wither away and die a slow, painful, bone cancer death.

Thanks for addressing the topic and best wishes to you.


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