Sunday, July 2, 2017

A New Home and Easy, LEGAL CBD Oil

17 days ago, I made a major change in my life with a move to the East Bay area of San Francisco. This was at the invitation of two friends of over 30 years who had made the offer for me to move in with them some months back. But I had only begun to feel relatively well enough in the last 3 months that I decided to take them up on the extraordinarily generous offer.  I’ve known this couple since I met and roomed with them in Corpus Christi in the mid 1980s.  So I made the move on June 17th.

Of the many positives this allows me, chief among them is the easy, LEGAL access to medical cannabis and cannabis oil.  I’ve long ago decided that THE best treatment for my prostate cancer with the fewest side effects was CBD oil.  In Texas, it took a great deal of effort to acquire, having to have it shipped from out of state while committing a felony.  In California, it’s legal and all it requires is texting the guy from the dispensary to deliver.  Then he shows up at your door.

It’s that different.

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