Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Wall and the Biggest Question of My Life

I'm in my 4th day back at work and have hit the proverbial wall.  I had to leave mid day yesterday because my energy just flat zapped out. One of the surgeons had warned of this and they were so right.   Kinda hard to have your chest cavity and lungs assaulted and not have some throwback by the body.  Pain, fatigue, etc.  But this too shall pass.

Have an appointment 4/10/13 with an oncologist in Houston who specializes in these odd cases as well as an upcoming appointment with a specialist at MD Anderson, so the hunt for the right medical guidance does on.

Finally, earlier this week, I asked my partner of almost 3 years if he'd do me the honor of making our relationship legal in a place where that is possible. He said yes!  No equivocation, no hesitation, simply a "Yes, of course!"  Words which will ring in my ears until they can no longer can perceive sound.

In some ways I've not been too luck recently; in others, I'm the luckiest guy I can imagine.


  1. Scott,
    Make your relationship legal as soon as possible. I had such a sense of relief once I made mine legal, on our 49th anniversary. I always assumed I would outlive Bill (he's 13 years older than me) but after last year, you just never know. If I passed away Bill would be hit with a huge tax bill which we just don't have the money. He would have to sell the house and I don't know where he would live. Getting legally married and being treated just like every other married couple was such a big relief. That's one less thing I have to worry about if I should get sick again. Good luck!

  2. Come to Connecticut. We're progressive here. Massachusetts too.

    1. James, as much as I love New England, I'm afraid it's looking like a weekend trip to SF as we know the place and I have relatives and friends that could "witness" the event. Then come back to Austin and have a big ole party!