Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Wall and the Biggest Question of My Life

I'm in my 4th day back at work and have hit the proverbial wall.  I had to leave mid day yesterday because my energy just flat zapped out. One of the surgeons had warned of this and they were so right;  kind hard to have your chest cavity and lungs assaulted and not have some throwback by the body.  Pain, fatigue, etc.  But this too shall pass.

Have an appointment 4/10/13 with an oncologist in Houston who specializes in these odd cases as well as an upcoming appointment with a specialist at MD Anderson, so the hunt for the right medical guidance does on.

Finally, earlier this week, I asked my partner of almost 3 years if he'd do me the honor of making our relationship legal in a place where that is possible. He said yes!  No equivocation, no hesitation, simply a "Yes, of course!"  Words which will ring in my ears until they can no longer can perceive sound.

In some ways I've not been too luck recently; in others, I'm the luckiest guy I can imagine.


  1. Scott,
    Make your relationship legal as soon as possible. I had such a sense of relief once I made mine legal, on our 49th anniversary. I always assumed I would outlive Bill (he's 13 years older than me) but after last year, you just never know. If I passed away Bill would be hit with a huge tax bill which we just don't have the money. He would have to sell the house and I don't know where he would live. Getting legally married and being treated just like every other married couple was such a big relief. That's one less thing I have to worry about if I should get sick again. Good luck!

  2. Come to Connecticut. We're progressive here. Massachusetts too.

    1. James, as much as I love New England, I'm afraid it's looking like a weekend trip to SF as we know the place and I have relatives and friends that could "witness" the event. Then come back to Austin and have a big ole party!