Monday, February 17, 2014

Bad news.........It's no longer a case of "may" have cancer

Derrell, Dr. Giesler and I reviewed that MRI films and, as is stated in the radiology report, "There is what appears to be fairly extensive tumor throughout the gland." "In the right peripheral gland there is a probable tumor throughout the peripheral gland and extending into the transitional zone and likely central gland extending from the apex to the base."
"Similar findings are seen on the left posterior peripheral gland. On the right at approximately the level of the mid gland near the apex there is likely extracapsular extension (i.e. it's not contained inside the gland, but has moved outside of it) and the tumor abuts the right neurovascular bundle (i.e. one of the two sets of nerves that control erectile function." Dr. Giesler's best guess is that it's a fairly aggressive tumor. We'll know more after the pathology reports from the biopsy Thursday morning.

Bottom line, I have prostate cancer, a relatively large tumor and there's a strong chance it's very aggressive.  To say that I'm emotionally devastated would be an understatement.


  1. Your devastation breaks my heart. I wish I could hug you.

  2. I had radiation in 1995 and was ok till 2years ago.Took a lupron shot that brought psa back to zero.The side efeects to that suck and they want to do that again but I have so many other issues lung cancer,feet tumors etc.If I make it to march 6th I'll be 80..Its been a hell of a ride,no regrets.They have great sex aids today,I wouldn't make getting a boner your major concern.GOOD LUCK !!