Monday, February 3, 2014

Test results are in and my numbers went the wrong direction.

I called the urologist's office after lunch today and was given my PSA test results. The level had increased from the 4.9 n/ml in late October to 5.2 n/ml. Despite doing everything I could to give my prostate a fair shot at a reduced reading (eating fish and veggies all month, taking a variety of supplements known to have a positive effect on the gland, no ejaculation for the 3 days prior to the blood draw, regular exercise), the trend continues upward. The doctor's office moved my February 18th appointment to two days from now to discuss the next steps. These are likely an MRI and then a biopsy guided via the images from the MRI. Every test has gone the direction of this being cancer. The PSA tests, the trajectory of same, the FreePSA test, 3 different physicians who can feel irregularities/nodules on the upper right quadrant, having zero symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)...........these all coupled with my use of Finasteride to prevent hair loss just don't bode well. I am shaking. I am angry. I am scared as hell. Trying to focus on anything work related is all but impossible.

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