Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Post Dr's visit report

Moving forward with 3T MRI. If the MRI shows suspicious areas, then will move forward with biopsy targeting those areas. The urologist, Dr. Richard Giesler, has been very cautious and thoughtful during this whole process and has impressed me with his reluctance to do anything invasive unless he's absolutely sure it's required. He also understands my desire to move forward and know exactly what I'm dealing with. Additionally, he answered my questions about the radiologists he uses and satisfied my concerns that they are well versed in reading prostatic MRIs. When asked about past patient's with similar PSA trend, FreePSA score and abnormal DRE's as to the percentage that actually had PC, he replied about based on that, I have almost a 50/50 shot that it's not PC. There could be worse odds and they were better than I expected.

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