Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post biopsy

Largely uneventful because I have a good Uro using MRI guided mapping to guide his biopsy needles into the tumor (although as large as this beast is, he'd have had a hard time missing). Because I was sedated with versed, fentanyl and Michael's favorite, propofol, it was pain free and was over before I knew it. Very little bleeding either rectally or in my urine. Did have some post procedure pain which they jumped right on with Dilaudid IV. Now I'm home and fed and resting a still haveing some pain that is easliy controlled with the norco he was thoughtful enough to call in.

So we'll find out Weds the Gleason score and just how aggressive this bad boy is. What treatment options I'm eligible for, how soon to start,, etc, etc. I'll meet with Dr. Bob to discuss the whole thing and get his input......and then will begine the process of second opionions of diagnosis, patholgy and BRI.

Based on a couple of friemds who had nonsedated biopsies and numerous online postings about the gut wrentching pain that can accompany them as well as huge blood loss, I feel like I mage the right decision and the extra cost worth every penny


  1. Based on some of your spelling, I think you are still a little under the influence...hehehe

  2. Lisa I would venture to guess you were quite right ;)