Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just pissed

I'm angry. Really angry. For well over a decade Dr. Bob and I have gone through the yearly physical including PSA and DRE. Always normal until a year ago. Now it turns out that I have a tumor that encompasses damn near the whole gland and is "extracapsular" (i.e. has escaped the prostate) not to mention it abuts one set of nerves that control erection. I'm 52. I have a sexy, young partner. Once this prostate is removed, it's unlikely I'll ever have an erection again. I just want to scream and throw things. I'm so fucking angry.


  1. I'll bet your pissed! But as now things have changed comes the hard part of putting your feelings asside & finding who to get treatment from. Please,if you can,call dr Patel at the global robotics institute at 866-923-2863 as only after he did my surgery did I find out he's the most experienced & talented surgeon as far as robotics go. He's in celebration Fl.

    1. After you get treatment you can look into what happened with your urologist & either give him a verbal/monitary spanking or just punch him out! I wish I knew more about other kind of treatment but all four Drs I saw felt the same about me needing surgery & would not offer me any other kind of treatment. Being impotent was just as scary as being in a diaper but after I started doing research I found that there are many treatments available that've been around a long time and are proven to be effective too! I've talked to lots of guys on us too about these things and it really helped me understand that no matter what...I'll be able to function! But right now...just try to do your research on what treatment to THATS easy....that's actually was the hardest part for me. My mind was spinning, scared & felt alone & OVERWELMED! But I still had to make decisions & get moving on my treatment...& you do too. Please let me know if there's anything i can do!

  2. Scott, found your blogspot from the "Inspire" website. My husband was diagnosed with PC on January 30th. He is only 50, and all we know right now is that he is a Gleason 8, and that his bone scan is clear. One more scan to go before we can start planning which treatment is best for us. I just wanted you to know that as much as I can, I know those angry, anxiety ridden feelings you are having. Sorry you have to go through this, too, and I'm thinking of you. The "shock" will wear off in a while as it did for my husband and me, and now . . . well, it's our new reality. I've done a bit of research, and I am ASTOUNDED at the number of treatments out there for you men diagnosed with PC and how manageable it is. Again, thinking of you. Leisa (On Inspire, I am Wicker1965).